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Visiting Santa Fe

Margarita Trail Details

Get Started on The Santa Fe Margarita Trail

To get started, download the ‘Santa Fe Margarita Trail Passport’ app.
  1. Open the App Store (iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Android) and search for ‘Santa Fe Margarita Trail Passport’.
  2. Download the full version* for just $2.99 and start enjoying all the benefits of the Margarita Trail.
*There is a free ‘Margarita Trail Lite’ app that provides the Margarita Trail locations, but in order to collect stamps, earn prizes and get a $1 off each signature margarita, you must purchase the paid, full version. Both versions of the app have an interactive map that geo-locates you and lists the Margarita Trail location closest to you.

Once you have downloaded the app, you are ready to get started on the Margarita Trailǃ
  1. As you travel along the Margarita Trail, present your paid version of the app for $1 off the signature margarita offered at each participating location.
  2. Ask your bartender or server to ‘stamp’ your app after trying their signature margarita—but before you get carried away, remember you can only earn two stamps every 12 hours.
  3. Get stamps and earn the following prizes:
    • 5 Stamps = Margarita Trail T-shirt
    • 10 Stamps = Provisional Member to the Margarita Society
    • 15 Stamps = Full Member to the Margarita Society
    • 20 Stamps = Signed copy of The Great Margarita Book
    • 30 Stamps = Margarita Bartender Kit
    • Complete the Entire Margarita Trail = VIP Margarita Package
Prizes may only be redeemed at the Downtown Santa Fe Visitor Center located in the Plaza Galleria at 66 E. San Francisco Street, Suite 3.

Become a Margarita Society Member

As a member of the Margarita Society you will get exclusive access to events, seminars and tastings. You’ll receive the official lapel pin, membership card, society certificate, special offers and subscription to the Margarita Insider – the society’s quarterly newsletter. Don’t miss being a part of this elite and exclusive membership in Santa Fe.

Get the NEW Margarita Trail Paper Passportǃ

Starting mid-September 2019, updated paper Passports that list all new locations will be available for purchase or trade in with your old paper Passport. The new paper Passport will include the original locations as well as the newly added locations for a total of 46 stops on the new expanded Santa Fe Margarita Trailǃ

You can now enjoy the expanded Santa Fe Margarita Trail with either the digital App or a paper Passport. Visit any of the downtown visitor centers to purchase or exchange your old paper Passport for a new one. You can also pick up a new paper Passport at most of the participating locations. There will be no cost to exchange old Passports and you can transfer your stamps to the new Passport as well. The transfer and exchange of old Passports to new ones is ONLY available at one of our 3 downtown Visitor Centers.

If you already own a stamped paper Passport and would like to transfer your stamps to a newly purchased app, visit ANY of the TOURISM Santa Fe Visitor Centers for assistance. Please note: You can only collect stamps in either the old paper Passport book or on the App, not both.

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