A Guide to Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta

September 21–25, 2022, Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta once again celebrates the culinary artistry of Santa Fe’s many excellent and award-winning restaurants coupled with the sophistication of influential wines from around the world. Join us! The illustrious Fiesta, in its 31st year, just ranked #4 in…

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Burn Zozobra and Our 2022 Gloom

For 98 years, Santa Fe's original burning man Zozobra, a 50-foot tall, storied marionette, has been built anew. And each year he is stuffed with thousands of paper "glooms"––love letters, divorce papers, photos, speeding tickets, bad habits, hurt feelings––to go up in smoke (and disappear from our…

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Santa Fe Happy Hours

Who doesn’t love a Happy Hour? A dedicated time to score incredible values on food and drinks and the opportunity to sit among a boisterous mix of visitors and locals is always a treat. Our lengthy roundup of happy haunts, listed alphabetically, range from casual to fancy, each offering a great…

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