Outdoor dining in Santa Fe: 15 marvelous patio restaurants

Santa Fe’s eateries take full advantage of The City Different's great outdoors with special alfresco dining spaces for at least 6 months out of the year. To take in the earth, sky, and open air in Santa Fe, just grab a seat at one of the many restaurants on this list. Buen provecho! Amaya Located…

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Iconic Foods of Santa Fe

Santa Fe is known for a range of New Mexican flavors that add to the city’s unique culture. The City Different is blessed with food traditions as ancient as the cultures that settled here so long ago, and we honor our past each time we celebrate with these delicious meals, treats, and flavors. While…

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June Events in The City Different

With an incredible array of festivals, art markets, outdoor adventures, and musical performances on offer, planning a visit to Santa Fe in the month of June can be an excellent way to ease in to a summer of traveling. While it's a popular time, the volume of visitors is not at the peak you can…

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