If you love art, Santa Fe is the place to be. Simple as that.

With an eclectic mix of galleries and nearly a dozen seasonal and annual art markets, The City Different offers a dizzying number of ways to enjoy its creative spirit and celebrate the cultures, history and artisans that make it such a popular destination.

But don’t just take our word for it!

To get you started, we’ve interviewed some local artists, gallery owners and curators who know our city’s art scene best, and asked them where they would recommend visitors start their art journey. From Pilar Law, photographer and curator of Canyon Road’s Edition One Gallery, to Mara Harris, communications manager at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, there’s sure to be a market to suit everyone’s taste!

Local artist and former gallery owner Bobby Beals said it best:

“It’s definitely a crossroads, Santa Fe. Between the Western culture and the Native American and the Spanish and the Anglo, it’s just a melting pot of customs, cultures and art. We have the International Folk Art Market, which has about 300 artists from around the world that show their work. We have the Indian Market, which is coming up on its hundredth anniversary. Then we have a Spanish Market.”


Santa Fe Artisan Market

Recommended by: Pilar Law, Edition One Gallery

“There’s the art market that’s down at the Santa Fe Railyard. That’s a cool thing because that goes on year-round, March to December. What’s nice about it is that you get a lot of local artists who may not be represented in a gallery, but who do really wonderful work. So, you get to see something that’s outside, literally outside of, the galleries.”


International Folk Art Market

Recommended by: Mara Harris, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

“I’m a volunteer leader with the International Folk Art Market, which is celebrating its 16th year. It sort of, you know, really took off when it started and has become the third largest market. It’s younger than to two major markets, but it’s my favorite. I just love it.”


Santa Fe Indian Market

Recommended by: Matthew Chase-Daniel and Jerry Wellman, Axle Contemporary

“You’ve probably heard that Santa Fe is the third largest art market in the country. When I see how many people show up at the Indian Market or how many people show up at the International Folk Art Market, it might very well be true because of the diversity of artistic expression in our community. We have a really lively theater scene. We have a really lively music scene. Arts are a really, really important component of Santa Fe; not just the visual arts, but all of them.”


Antique American Indian Art Show

Recommended by: Pilar Law, Edition One Gallery

“There’s a small market right before the Indian Market starts. It’s called the Antique American Indian Art Show and you can purchase authentic antique American Indian art from some of the country’s top galleries.”


Whether it’s the International Folk Art Market or the Santa Fe Artisan Market, Canyon Road or The Railyard, Santa Fe offers a visual feast for art lovers of all sorts any time of the year. But don’t just limit yourselves to these fantastic art markets! We’ve got galleries, art experiences, museums and performance art around nearly every corner.

As you walk around the city, exploring Canyon Road, the Plaza or Midtown, make sure to download the Santa Fe Art Experience mobile app to help you find all the museums and galleries in the City Different. And be sure to check out our Deals and Specials during your visit!