Did you know Santa Fe is a biking paradise?  The surrounding mountains, foothills and public lands hold an endless variety of trail options with terrain for every skill level. This makes Santa Fe a perfect stepping-off point for any cycling adventure. There’s something about riding a bike in Santa Fe that turns any activity into an adventure. Whether exploring art districts, travelling along the new [blog_link url="http://santafe.org/Visiting_Santa_Fe/Self_Guided_Tours/Margarita_Trail/index.html" text="Margarita Trail" date="2016-04-19"], joining locals riding their bikes during [blog_link url="http://www.santafenm.gov/bike_to_work_week" text="Bike To Work week" date="2016-04-19"], or just lazing on the grass and soaking up some Santa Fe sunlight–– anytime you add a bicycle to the mix it heightens the fun factor. On your next visit to The City Different, join us as we pedal along the trails, paths, and streets of Santa Fe. Your spirits will be riding high with these must-do biking events during [blog_link url="http://www.bikeleague.org/bikemonth" text="National Bike Month" date="2016-04-19"].

See You At The Bike and Brew Festival!

Palates and pedals come alive during the Bike and Brew Festival! (Photo courtesy of Bike and Brew)

For anyone into the pursuit of hop-iness via two wheels, Santa Fe’s third annual [blog_link url="http://outsidesantafe.com/" text="Outside Magazine Bike and Brew Festival" date="2016-04-19"] might just be your destiny. Kicking off a weekend full of biking adventures, this event is packed with group rides, bike-along brewery tours, craft beer tastings, and loads of live music. This off-road celebration will definitely make palates and pedals come alive. The three-day extravaganza at Fort Marcy Park kicks off May 19th though the 22nd. With a schedule of over 60 rides, tours, clinics, and events, there’s something for everyone.

Big Mountain Endurance

The [blog_link url="http://www.bigmountainenduro.com/" text="Big Mountain Enduro" date="2016-04-19"] 2016 season opener will kick off in Santa Fe on May 22nd where a one-day backcountry race entailing upwards of 7500 feet of long rocky descents await. Riders in the BME will go over raw terrain, an abundance of brand new trails on private land that have never been raced on, along with full pedal transfers the entire day. Along with this entirely new venue, BME will offer its standard world-class Enduro racing with an added weekend festival, partnering with the Outside Bike and Brew Festival where thousands will be in attendance.

Santa Fe Century Is Quite A Ride

santa fe century ride 2

Pick your ride with Santa Fe Century. (Photo courtesy of Santa Fe Century)

Another excursion that’ll seriously get your spokes spinning is the [blog_link url="http://santafecentury.com/" text="Santa Fe Century" date="2016-04-19"]. This thirty-one year old Santa Fe tradition is one of our most cherished claims to fame in the cycling community. Skill level is no obstacle. You get your pick of a 20-mile out-and-back ride; a 50-mile (Half-Century) ride; or the full-on Century, 103 miles down the ancient Turquoise Trail. What could be better than biking alongside unmatched scenery with centuries of history under your wheels? The ride gets underway Sunday, May 22nd and registration is now open.

Rent A Bike And See Santa Fe!

Mello Velo has a wide selection of bicycles to meet any of your biking needs. (Photo courtesy of Mello Velo)

Mellow Velo has a wide selection of bicycles to meet any of your biking needs. (Photo courtesy of Mello Velo)

Like countless folks who get their first glimpse of Santa Fe, you’ll probably take one look around the landscape and get the itch to ride a bike—even if you haven’t ridden in years. See for yourself why Santa Fe is rated one of [blog_link url="http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2013/10/08/best-mountain-biking-trails-cities/2936039/" text="America's Top Mountain Bike Towns" date="2016-04-19"] by USA Today. Fortunately, you don't have to pack up your own bike. There are abundant rental shops around town for those in need of a quick cycling fix. Here are a few ideas to get you started: [blog_link url="http://nmbikensport.com/" text="New Mexico Bike N Sport" date="2016-04-19"], [blog_link url="https://mellowvelo.com/" text="Mellow Velo" date="2016-04-19"] and [blog_link url="http://brokenspokesantafe.com/" text="The Broken Spoke" date="2016-04-19"]. You can also find electric bicycles at [blog_link url="http://ecomotivebikes.com/" text="Eco Motive" date="2016-04-19"].

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on Santa Fe’s dynamic mountain biking culture, you should be well-equipped to hop on the trails and embrace your inner Santa Fean. Be sure to download our [blog_link url="http://santafempo.org/documents/bikeways-map/" text="Santa Fe City Trail Map" date="2016-04-19"]. Both on and off the bike, Santa Fe offers wonders few places can top: amazing mountain trails ranging from leg-crushing to laidback; cuisine that’ll rock your world; a thriving craft brew scene; live music galore; and so much more.

Santa Fe also has many [blog_link url="http://santafe.org/Visiting_Santa_Fe/Specials/" text="specials, packages and deals" date="2016-04-19"] and we would love to share them with you. Don’t forget to order your [blog_link url="http://santafe.org/Visitors_Guide/index.html" text="2016 Santa Fe Travel guide " date="2016-04-19"]. Happy Bike Trails to you!