If there’s one overarching truism about Santa Fe residents and visitors, it’s the love of chile and colorful vistas. Fall in Santa Fe is not only characterized by the vibrant aspen foliage, but also the iconic aroma of fresh roasting chile. Your love of chile will be satisfied this September with two of Santa Fe’s standout chile events.

Who Will Be The Reigning Chomp at the Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown?

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Seven contenders made it to the finals at the Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown. (Photo courtesy of TOURISM Santa Fe)

If you haven’t tasted a green chile cheeseburger, now’s  the time— particularly during the 4th annual [blog_link url="http://ediblesmackdown.com/" text="Edible Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown" date="2016-08-23"] . Visitors can sample, what we like to think  as, the best  favor combo of them all—green chile, plus cheese, plus burger equals pure deliciousness— and we’ve got the smackdown to prove it! This delicious event takes place on September 9, 2016 from 4:00 – 8:00 pm at the Santa Fe Farmers Market Pavilion.

The competing finalists, selected by thousands of public votes will prepare their green chile cheeseburger creations to compete for the honor of the 2016 Best Green Chile Cheeseburger. Each burger is considered by a panel of judges who select the final winner. In addition, extra burger bites are cooked by each competitor for a public tasting and vote to determine the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

This year there are seven finalists—with five restaurants representing Santa Fe! They are Ivan Laera from Plaza Café Southside, Anthony Smith from Living Room at the Inn and Spa at Loretto, Edgar Beas from Anasazi Restaurant, Thomas Hartwell from the Red Sage at Buffalo Thunder and Milton Villarriubia at Second Street Brewery. Other contenders are  Tod “Toddzilla”Alexander from Chef Toddzilla’s Mobile Cuisine (Roswell, NM)  and Matt Schnooberger from Freight House Kitchen (Bernalillo, NM).

Meet the 2016 Green Chile Smackdown Contenders

Plan early for this event—last year’s sold out! Buy your tickets here.

Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta: Now In Its 26th Year

sana fe wine and chilee fiesta

Attend wine seminars, cooking demos, Grand and Reserve Tasting at the Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta. (Photo courtesy of Santa Fe Wine And Chile Fiesta)

Fall also brings to town the fun [blog_link url="https://www.santafewineandchile.org/" text="Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta" date="2016-08-23"] which takes place September 18-25, 2016. This annual eight-day event features the culinary artistry found in Santa Fe, New Mexico’s many excellent restaurants coupled with the sophistication and wines of national wineries.

This year the Wine & Chile Fiesta adds a film component to this popular event.  Join them for a wine and food reception and view one of three films showing each night at the Violet Crown and Jean Cocteau  Cinema. Other festivities include cooking demos, wine seminars, winery luncheons and dinners.  The Fiesta culminates with the Grand Tasting on Saturday, September 24 at the Santa Fe Opera where 100 national wineries and 75 of Santa Fe’s best restaurants serve samples of their best food and wine.

By now, I expect you’re ready to [blog_link url="https://www.santafewineandchile.org/events/" text="buy tickets" date="2016-08-23"]. Doing it soon is my advice, because events do sell out!

Discover chile this September in Santa Fe and start planning! Check out our recent [blog_link url="http://santafe.org/blog/september-viva-santa-fe-fever-is-spreading/" text="blog" date="2016-08-23"] highlighting must-do September events.  Our [blog_link url="[blog_link url="Deals and Specials" text="" date="2016-08-23"] page is another helpful resource for discovering Santa Fe’s special offers. Planning your vacation is even easier with our [blog_link url="http://santafe.org/Visitors_Guide/index.html" text="2016 Santa Fe travel guide" date="2016-08-23"].  Order yours today.