Want to find out how to have a perfect event in Santa Fe? Our checklist will guide you through every step of creating a wonderful event.


Download the checklist in PDF Format


  • Establish event goals and objectives
  • Select date
  • Identify venue and negotiate details
  • Negotiate with hotel and or Convention Center for:
    • meeting rooms
    • sleeping rooms
    • audio/visual equipment
    • food/beverages
  • Book meeting site and support services. (Check calendar of local events to avoid conflicting or inappropriate dates
  • Develop Event Master Plan
  • Determine the objective of the meeting and develop the program and budget
  • Get cost estimates (e.g., room rental, food & beverages, equipment, speaker fees, travel, etc.) and create a budget
  • Recruit event committee, event manager or chair and establish sub-committee chairs
  • Create and launch publicity plan & brand your event (ensure staff and/or volunteers are identified to manage specific tasks – e.g., media relations, VIP coordination, printed material design & printing coordination, signage, online /social media, etc.)
  • Invite speakers and inform them about your attendees and the facilities of the hotel, including audiovisual capabilities
  • Confirm speakers/presenters/entertainers
  • Identify and contact sponsors/partners
  • Registration fees
  • Set up/enable online registration
  • Sponsor levels/amounts
  • Send letters of agreement to hotel and suppliers
  • Set up master account for your meeting charges with the hotel (authorize who can sign charges)
  • Notify attendees
  • Make travel arrangements

*start your planning as early as possible.


  • Create timeline and checklist
  • Develop, design and distribute meeting promotion and marketing materials
  • Get bio information, photo
  • Finalize presentation/speech topics
  • Create meeting invitation list
  • E-mail meeting announcement to invitation list
  • Receive and process registration forms
  • Create participant confirmation letter
  • Collect information on speakers/facilitators
  • E-mail participant confirmation letter and travel information sheet
  • Arrange and finalize all catering
  • Investigate need for any special permits, licenses, insurance, etc.
  • Determine and arrange all details regarding menu, A/V equipment, registration set-up, parking, signage, etc.
  • Review security needs/plan for the event with venue manager
  • Develop draft program
  • Create draft event script (e.g., MC, speaker introductions, thanks, closing, etc.)
  • Develop publicity pieces -- e.g., newsletter articles and/or ads, radio spots, print blog posts articles for submission to other publications and/or ads, etc.
  • Request logos from corporate sponsors for online and printed materials
  • Develop and produce invitations, programs, posters, tickets, etc.
  • Develop media list & prepare News Release, Media Advisory, Backgrounder and all media kit materials (e.g., speaker info, photos, etc.)
  • Create event page on your website
  • Enable/create email event notifications
  • Create a Facebook event page
  • Develop a promo video and post on YouTube and your Facebook page
  • Register your event on a variety of online event calendars
  • Create some buzz on your blog or member forums
  • Determine VIPs and create invitation & tracking document (e.g., spreadsheet)
  • Send guest rooming list to the hotel


  • Monitor individual reservation call-in (observing hotel cut-off date for making reservations)
  • Prepare travel information sheet
    • Local transportation
    • Directions/maps
  • Self-pay participants


  • Sponsored event
  • Coordinate participant air travel with designated travel agent


  • Send reminders to contact list re registration/participation
  • Confirm travel/accommodation details
  • Request copy of speeches and/or presentations
  • Sponsorship: Follow up to confirm sponsorships and underwriting
  • Release press announcements about keynote speakers, celebrities, VIPs attending, honorees, etc.
  • Post your initial event news release on your website and circulate to all partners, affiliated organizations, etc
  • Confirm menus, room setups and supplies in writing with your event manager.
  • Monitor speakers' presentation development and offer assistance in reproducing any handouts
  • Order signs and printed materials
  • Include the agendas, suggested dress and other instructions on your website
  • Order gifts and amenities. Arrange deliveries of gifts (and meeting registration materials) with your hotel contact.


  • Have all committee chairs meet and confirm all details against Master Plan – and ensure back-up plans are developed for any situation (e.g., back-up volunteers as VIP greeters, additional volunteers for registration or set-up, etc.)
  • Finalize event script
  • Brief any/all hosts, greeters, volunteers about their event duties and timelines
  • Final seating plan, place cards, etc.
  • Provide final registration numbers to caterer
  • Make print and online copies of any speeches, videos, presentations, etc.
  • Final registration check, name badges & registration list
  • Determine photo op and interview opportunities with any presenters, VIPs etc. and confirm details with interviewee and media
  • Check with your speakers regarding the progress of their presentations, audiovisual and logistical arrangements
  • Submit rooming list to hotel and confirm arrangements for amenities
  • Ship materials to arrive 24 hours before your arrival, and confirm arrival before leaving your office.
  • Confirm all audiovisual requirements and produce slides
  • Make arrangements for shipping materials back to your office after the meeting.
  • Confirm (72 hours in advance) your meal and beverage counts for the first day food functions.
  • Take a complete master set of all handouts with you. (If your shipment of materials is lost or delayed, you can arrange to have your master set photocopied.)


  • Pre-conference meeting with necessary staff
  • Create participant name tags
  • Develop training/seminar/conference agenda
  • Provide speaker(s) bio(s)
  • Create final participant roster
    • Alphabetize by participant last name
    • Group by jurisdiction/state and alphabetize by participant last name
  • Create participant tent cards, if needed
  • Develop participant meeting evaluation form
  • Assist with collecting meeting materials (printing, binders, packets, local restaurants/sites/ activities , etc.)
  • Confirm media attending
  • Ensure all signage is in place
  • Ensure registration and media tables are prepared and stocked with necessary items (e.g., blank name badges, paper, pens, tape, stapler, etc.)
  • Ensure all promo items, gifts, plaques, trophies, etc. are on-site
  • Review details and walk through your meeting space with your property event manager
  • Personally inspect shipped materials to be sure that all of your items have arrived and that they are in good condition
  • Check the hotel function board and front desk for posted times and locations of your functions.


  • Ensure you have copies of all instructions, directions, phone numbers, keys, extra parking permits for VIP guests, seating charts and guest lists with you
  • Check-in with each Committee Chair to ensure their team is on track
  • Conduct meeting registration
  • Set up a resource room/display table
  • Approve charges to Master Account on a daily basis
  • Serve as primary hotel liaison/troubleshooter
  • Check function space one hour in advance
  • Notify your event manager immediately of any changes in your plans or requirements
  • Sign banquet checks each day and keep an ongoing record of your on-site expenses


  • Meet with your event manager to review your sessions, charges and receipts
  • Share with your event manager the names of personnel who have provided extraordinary service.
  • Collect participant evaluation forms
  • Return shipment of meeting materials
  • Review final meeting charges
  • Update participant roster
Speakers’ expenses and fees  
Supplies (notebooks, name tags, etc.)  
Staff hotel per diem  
Audio/visual equipment  
Travel (staff and participants)