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City of Santa Fe Location Filming Permit


Thank you for choosing the City of Santa Fe for your upcoming film project. Our office will help make your job as easy as possible while you are visiting "The City Different." This page is designed to assist you with the Film Permitting process for the City of Santa Fe. Per City of Santa Fe ordinance, a permit is required to film or photograph any commercial, motion picture or advertisement within the city limits.

Permitting fees are $25.00/day. Though we do wish to know of your intentions to film within the city limits of Santa Fe as soon as possible, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FOR A FILM PERMIT UNTIL YOU ARE SURE OF YOUR DATES, TIMES AND SPECIFIC LOCATIONS AND HAVE ALL YOUR NECESSARY PAPERWORK. Changes to an approved permit require issuing a new permit with updated information, and a new application fee.

The following types of filming are exempt from the permitting and/or fee process and structure; the filming of news events concerning persons, scenes or occurrences which are newsworthy and of general public interest Filming and still photography by a 501C non-profit organization with on-sight personnel numbering 5 persons or less.

It is the responsibility of the production company to notify all business and residential tenants who will be affected by filming. Permission to use private property must be granted in writing by property owners/landlords/property management companies before filming commences and copies of these letters filed with the Santa Fe Film Office. All structures constructed by the production company must be completely dismantled and the site returned to its pre-filming condition within thirty (30) days of wrap unless other arrangements have been made and approved by the City of Santa Fe.

Please note this permit shall be governed by the ordinances of the City of Santa Fe and the laws of the State of New Mexico. The Applicant acting through its authorized agent, agrees to defend, protect, indemnify and hold the City of Santa Fe harmless from any and all suits, claims, damages, liabilities, or losses, including attorney fees and costs, for injury to or death of any person(s) or for damage to any property arising from the Applicant's acts or omissions under the film/photography permit or resulting from the filming/photography to be held on the locations, times and dates (Premises) named in the film permit.


Please send the following forms to Jennifer LaBar-Tapia at once you submit your permit online.

  1. Print out, complete, sign and notarize the Indemnification Agreement at the bottom of this page
  2. COI - Obtain General Liability Insurance in the amount of one million fifty thousand dollars per occurrence naming the City of Santa Fe as an additional insured.

    Address: 200 Lincoln Avenue Santa Fe, NM 87504

  3. All property agreements (private and public) and notices to neighborhoods/businesses
  4. Approvals from City departments re: police services, park agreements, street closures, metered parking, etc.
  5. Location map showing specific streets, buildings, etc. for each location
  6. Traffic Control Plan
  7. Base camp map with move in/move out dates listed for each location

Please allow at least seventy-two (72) working hours for small on site shoots and at least ten (10) working days for larger production shoots to obtain an approved permit from the City of Santa Fe.
Fees may be made payable by check or credit card. An invoice will be sent with payment instructions. Additional permit fees may include, police overtime, bagging parking meters, use of city parks, etc.

Should you have any questions regarding permits, fees, or jurisdictions, please contact Jennifer LaBar-Tapia at the Santa Fe Film Office at (505) 986-6293/


Use this online permit form to help expedite the processing of your film permit.

Download Indemnification Agreement

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