Santa Fe Weather

The City Different enjoys a semiarid climate with four distinct seasons that boasts bright blue skies and 320+ days of sunshine, as well as dramatic summer thunderstorms and mild winters with a fair share of snowstorms that blanket our local ski area. Santa Fe’s 7,000 feet of elevation keeps temperatures moderate with a high averaging 86° F in July to lows near 20° F in January. The highest temperatures in July and August are 8090° F with only 36 days per year with 90+° F highs. 

No matter the season, Santa Fe will always welcome and entertain you! 

average highs in the upper 40s; average lows in the mid 20s

Late December, there’s a dusting of snow downtown and inches of it gracing our Ski Santa Fe resort in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, just 16 miles from the Plaza. If you’re fortunate, glistening white flakes will fall while you are visiting, but because of our low humidity, the accumulation will be fluffy and light. Be prepared with your boots and parkas regardless! The snowy season runs approximately from November through March, with an average of 32 inches of snow in town and up to 300 inches at Ski Santa Fe.

average highs in the low 70s; average lows in the low 40s 

Late March, our aspens and cottonwoods start leafing and you’ll begin to see the cactus flowers bloom in reds, pinks, and yellows. As well, our fruit trees—plum, apricot, apple—blossom and the forsythia and lilacs join in for colorful and fragrant orchestral display along our sidewalks, in our parks, and throughout the Santa Fe River, generally rushing with snow runoff from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Despite the spring conditions, The City Different can still experience a late spring snowstorm or two, so pack your clothing layers, and know that most restaurants and hosted events do not expect your finest finery—better for you to be comfy.

average highs in the high 80s; average lows in the mid 50s

Late June and our very busy summer months bring days that never end! Be prepared with a brimmed hat, a full water bottle, sunscreen, and a raincoat. While our semiarid climate and high elevation sun can be an adjustment, summer is our monsoon season and we can receive up to 6 inches of rain. BUT the storms never last too long, generally occur in the afternoon, routinely produce rainbows, and always cool you off!

average highs in the low 60s; average lows in the mid 30s

Late September, the aspens and cottonwoods are a glow everywhere you turn, so take advantage of the chance to hike one of our many trails or ride a Ski Santa Fe chairlift into the golden treescape. Even though the sun is still quite warm, the days are cool and nights cooler, so bring a layer or two!

Annual Averages:

  • Rainfall: up to 14 inches
  • Snowfall: up to 32 inches
  • Date of first frost: October 10
  • Date of last frost: May 1
  • Growing season: 150 days