Itinerary Ideas

Get the most out of your visit to Santa Fe with a planned itinerary! Whether you are visiting The City Different for a few days, over a weekend, or for an entire week, you’ll want to be sure you not only have the authentic experiences you hope for, but that you are being efficient with your time, leaving just the right amount of room for serendipity.

Make a plan for your next visit to The City Different drawing on our many ideas below!

72-Hour Itineraries

Check out our four 3-day itineraries highlighting Santa Fe’s spa and wellness culture, our vast outdoor adventure opportunities, the deep arts tradition, and things to do and see around the beloved historic Plaza.

8 Days in the Santa Fe Area

These robust daylong itineraries are designed to enrich your knowledge of the Santa Fe area and expand your awareness of the region with curated day trips to fascinating destinations historic and full of adventure.