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Paid Content Opportunities

Tell your story to a highly qualified visitor audience.

TOURISM Santa Fe (TSF) offers a variety of paid content opportunities across — opportunities for businesses of every size, scope, and scale to capitalize on the fantastic visitor traffic coming to our market.

TSF offers only premium placements that will deliver your marketing message to visitors who are actively planning their trips to the Santa Fe area and are ready to book and buy. Meaning a more qualified user audience, higher content engagement and conversion rates, and a bigger bang for your buck.

Seamless Placement:

Placements run seamlessly within the site's content and are specifically designed to adopt the look, feel, and tone of other content on the website. The creative is designed to highlight exactly what it is that makes you special in the market, appealing to the emotional needs (which drive decision making) of our visitors. These philosophies help to deliver a message that is more likely to attract and engage the Santa Fe area visitor more than any paid advertising product on the market.

Creative Information:

  • Responsive website design allows advertisements to display on all devices.
  • All placements are templated and designed to match the visual aesthetic of
  • Images should be single photographs without any overlaid elements, including logos. No collages or “photoshopping,” please.
  • All character count specs include individual spaces, punctuation marks, and letters. We recommend using a character count tool such as to track copy length.
  • "Lines" listed for "headline" copy are recommended lengths when viewing the placement on desktop (about 1400px wide). Character limits for headlines are estimates and will vary based on the characters used.
  • Character limits for "body" copy are strict limits set by the CMS. Any words that go beyond this limit will be excised by the CMS and an ellipsis will be added to the end.


Header Image

  • Top-of-the-page delivery
  • Photo (1790w x 639h pixels)
  • Headline (80 characters) - 2 lines
  • Body (130 characters)
  • Clickthrough URL


The City Different Tours (HEADER EXAMPLE)


Premium Page Sponsor

  • Photo (609w x 421h pixels)
  • Headline (60 characters) -  2 lines
  • Body (300 characters)
  • Clickthrough URL

History & Culture Tours

Discover what makes Santa Fe one of the country’s top arts and cultural destinations. Whether you’re a history buff, foodie, or art enthusiast, we have something for you

Featured Business Listing

  • Featured Listings appear at the top of business pages with a Featured tab and design
  • Premium visibility on some of the most used pages on the site
  • Pulls content from your existing listing detail page
  • Limited availability


The City Different Tour Guides (Featured Listing Example)