2021 Visitors Guide Cover Announcement #1

The City Different is ready to safely welcome you back with open arms and hearts. Uncover your different in Santa Fe. Get the guide and plan your trip today!


Find Your Happy (Hour) Place in Santa Fe

Who doesn't love Happy Hour? If you're like me, you welcome the opportunity to try out a new bar or restaurant or revisit a favorite haunt. Bargain prices and smaller crowds are always a bonus, of course, but perhaps the very best reason of all? You can be safely home and in your sweatpants by 8 pm…

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Santa Fe - What's in Bloom

Billie Frank and Steve Collins from Santa Fe Travelers explored The City Different with a camera to show us how much Santa Fe comes alive in Spring. From flowers blossoming to dining al fresco, this is truly a magical time of year here. A budding aspen and a bird outside the window, photo/Steve…

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