2021 Visitors Guide Cover Announcement #1

The City Different is ready to safely welcome you back with open arms and hearts. Uncover your different in Santa Fe. Get the guide and plan your trip today!


Santa F(e)AQs

Are you the Sergeant Friday in your crowd who wants “just the facts, Ma’am?” Then you’re a traveler’s best friend! Your need-to-know questing spirit guarantees great adventures. So to you, I dedicate these Santa Fe frequently asked questions. Santa Fe Has an Altitudinal Outlook What’s the weather…

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Spring Into Summer in Santa Fe

May is on its way out and June is bustin’ out all over! Don’t waste precious summer vacation time sitting around watching reruns. As soon as school’s out or your R&R slot hits the jackpot, you deserve the festivities only Santa Fe, New Mexico can provide! Treasure Your Time in Santa Fe If you’ve got…

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Painting the Plate Red in Santa Fe

Guess what? Summer is literally one month away! The Santa Fe Farmer’s Market is blossoming with fresh produce, baked goods, and authentic flavors. There is, however, one missing crop that won’t appear until later in the year and it’s one that locals really anticipate––green chile! Having to wait for…

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Santa Fe Summer Is Totally Technicolor

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Think about Santa Fe as I ask this question: What color do you see? Perhaps it’s the turquoise in a hand-crafted bracelet or the green of piñon and juniper trees or red and orange painting the sky at day’s end. Now open your eyes. Think Santa Fe again and…

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Beef Up National Burger Month in Santa Fe

May Day! May Day! The month of May is National Burger Month and the only distress signal conceivable is a lack of the singular element that lifts any burger to a higher culinary plane than every other beefy iteration––green chile! Once you’ve tasted the bravado our signature ingredient adds to the…

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