I’m a believer – a breakfast believer, that is. The first sip of coffee lets me know I’m awake and the first meal of the day primes me for action. Let the English have their muffins and the French savor their croissants, we Santa Feans know we have the best of the bunch with that first bite of a breakfast burrito! Hand-held or smothered in chile verde or rojo (that’s green and red, for the uninitiated), there’s nothing like the spicy flavor of the Southwest to get the day off to a great start.

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Eating like a New Mexican is easy when you head for El Parasol.

El Parasol Cooks It Up On-the-Go for Those in the Know

When I’m on the go, I head straight to El Parasol. A Santa Fe Reporter  Best of Santa Fe best breakfast winner, this joint has three Santa Fe county outposts. Translation: You’re close to one no matter where you are in Santa Fe. Stuffed with eggs, potatoes, cheese and a choice of red or green chile, this is a hand-held honey. You can also order it smothered in red or green, maximizing that fantastic chile flavor.

santa fe, new mexico, food, breakfast

Oh, that Pantry burrito is a potent plate of goodness!

There’s Something Savory Waiting in the Pantry

Speaking of smothered with chile, The Pantry has you covered. This favorite locals’ hangout (voted the No.1 breakfast spot by Santa Fe Reporter readers) is always buzzing with breakfast lovers. Count me as one of the faithful. The plate-hogging burrito leaves just enough space for a side of perfectly-cooked potatoes that any Irishman would approve. Both the red and green chile versions are so good that I can never choose – I just order my burrito Christmas-style (half red, half green). The Pantry’s cheerful surroundings and the steady flow of burrito lovers make for a people-watcher’s breakfast paradise. A second – or even third – cuppa joe is accommodated with a smile and encouragement to linger. That’s my kind of breakfast!


Take a Breakfast Trip to Tia’s

santa fe, new mexico, food, breakfast A spicy holiday arrives on the platter when you order a Christmas-style breakfast burrito at Tia Sophia’s.

A sense of place is an integral part of the Santa Fe culinary experience, and I make a beeline for dining spots that serve up classic Santa Fe ambiance with the meal. Tia Sophia’s is just one of those places. Since there’s no dinner service, insiders know to satisfy their craving when the day is young. Part of the extended family empire that includes Atrisco and Tomasita’s, Tia’s has been a Santa Fe go-to for as long as I can remember – no wonder 2014 Santa Fe Reporter readers voted it No. 3 for both best breakfast and best breakfast burrito. You can celebrate Christmas on the plate all year long, but if you want that Saturday morning chorizo burrito special, you’d better go early!

santa fe, new mexico, food, breakfast A big burrito and a good buddy are all you need for a great breakfast –or lunch – or dinner - at Santa Fe Baking Company.


Santa Fe Baking Company Goes Beyond Baked Goods

Eating local is an integral part of my dining recipe, regardless of the time of day. If a restaurant is going to use Santa Fe in its name, I expect it to deliver – and the Santa Fe Baking Company does. When I order a breakfast burrito, the plate that arrives on my table is a welcome delight along with the all-I-can-pour Aroma Coffee. Breakfast burritos are wrapped in a white or whole wheat tortilla, and the veggie selections are a delicious addition to the variety on offer. I often grab the classic version to go, but I like to make time to savor a burrito invitingly perched on a plate swimming in chile. Since the Baking Company serves breakfast all day, if you missed morning at Tia’s, you can still get that burrito fix at day’s end.

Why Not Wake Up to Breakfast in Santa Fe?

I know you’re probably looking at your bowl of oatmeal wistfully now, but I can’t say I’m sorry for sharing the yummy truth. While you might find recipes for homemade breakfast burritos to tide you over, there’s simply no substitute for eating one here in Santa Fe, the true home of the breakfast burrito.