The Santa Fe Opera  is a temple to the romance of music and the magic of performance. The company’s mission since its inception has been to bring together professionalism and accessibility in order to foster an understanding and appreciation of opera among a diverse audience.

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The striking, state-of-the-art, open-air theater has won several prestigious design awards. (Photo courtesy of Santa Fe Opera )

Newcomers and opera lovers alike will enjoy an opera performance under the starry skies of Santa Fe.  The theatre itself is a spectacularly designed open-air structure with impressive views of the Tesuque Valley, which contrast the rich colors of the famous Santa Fe sunsets over the Jemez Mountains. The theatre is both a technological and architectural marvel. Contemporary design aesthetics and traditional materials come together all while achieving remarkable acoustics.

The current theater has a seating capacity of 2, 128 and an additional 106 standing room places. (Photo courtesy of The Santa Fe Opera)

From the venue to the gift shop, everything about the [blog_link url="" text="Santa Fe Opera" date="2017-06-20]  is first class, but don’t let its spiffy appearance turn you off. New Mexico allows for a much more diverse crowd than most metropolitan areas and the theatre recommends guests wear whatever makes them comfortable, whether it be a tuxedo or cowboy boots.

Acoustic guitar, political satire and animation all make appearances in the 2017 Santa Fe Opera season.  This season's program includes three premiers for the company, one of which, The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, is a world premiere production. The opera captures the individuals who shaped the Apple founder, his struggle with interpersonal communication and the rise and fall and second coming of his revolutionary tech company.


For Santa Fe Opera founder John O. Crosby, the “burning point of reason” for his company was the constant striving for the best. (Photo courtesy of The Santa Fe Opera)

The vivacious music and hilarious plot of Strauss’ Die Fledermaus returns to the Santa Fe Opera after 25 years. Effervescent waltzes abound at Prince Orlovsky’s lavish masked ball where guests find themselves in frivolous quarrels.

Also making an appearance this season is The Golden Cockerel, an opera that combines elements of fairytale and political satire complete with a pompous monarch, a beautiful foe and military plots turned lovesick idiocy.

Gaetano Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor and George Frideric Handel’s Alcina complete the 2017 season. The opening weekend celebration of the season begins June 30th.

If you’re a first time opera-goer or just want to enhance your experience, prelude talks are free to all ticket holders and are given twice before each performance. Both entertaining and informative, the talks provide visitors with insight into the performance.

Experience the fun of tailgating at the Santa Fe Opera! (Photo courtesy of The Santa Fe Opera )

Not much of an opera aficionado? [blog_link url="" text="Apprentice Showcase Scene" date="2017-06-20] nights offer visitors the opportunity to experience the magnificence of the venue and performers over a much less daunting duration. These ninety-minute performances showcase some of the most iconic scenes from operas performed by some of the best up-and-coming artists.  Don’t miss attending one or both of these special events, scheduled Sunday, August 13th and Sunday, August 20th.

Fine wine and dear friends––that’s what makes the party (and yes, bring water to accommodate for the humidity-free 7,000-ft altitude. (Photo courtesy of The Santa Fe Opera)


The opera might seem like an unlikely setting for serious [blog_link url="" text="tailgating" date="2017-06-20], but dedicated patrons have been bringing everything from elegantly themed tables to multi-course homemade meals for elaborate pre-opera festivities. Also available for guests with a bit less wherewithal is an on-site cantina, which offers preordered boxed dinners including offerings like duck and salmon.

Your night at the Opera will be a memorable experience for newcomers as well as opera lovers. (Photo courtesy of The Santa Fe Opera)

The Santa Fe Opera truly has something for everyone; there isn’t a single bad seat in the venue and ticket prices are reasonable. Glorious Santa Fe sunsets, exquisite music and outstanding artistry all performed in a visual and architectural wonder is a recipe for a delightful evening. It’s no wonder the Crosby Theater made USA Today’s list of [blog_link url="" text="10 Best Outdoor Music Venues" date="2017-06-20].

You’ll find that now is a great time to visit the Santa Fe Opera and The City Different. And whether you are ready to visit us this summer or want to plan a trip for later in the year, don’t forget to request the [blog_link url="" text="2017 Santa Fe Travel Guide" date="2017-06-20]. Come check out the [blog_link url="" text="Deals and Specials" date="2017-06-20] Santa Fe has to offer you. We’re sure you’ll find just the right deal to plan the perfect getaway.

This blog was written in partnership with TOURISM Santa Fe and Santa Fe County.