2021 Visitors Guide Cover Announcement #1

The City Different is ready to safely welcome you back with open arms and hearts. Uncover your different in Santa Fe. Get the guide and plan your trip today!


What's New In Santa Fe This Summer

[blog_cta type="guide" text="Order My 2017 Santa Fe Travel Guide" date=”Whats_New”] What’s New In Santa Fe This Summer! Santa Fe, New Mexico never lacks for “new or innovative” cultural and culinary experiences. In fact, you might have recently asked yourself, “What’s new this summer in Santa Fe?”…

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An Evening of Magic: The Santa Fe Opera

The Santa Fe Opera is a temple to the romance of music and the magic of performance. The company’s mission since its inception has been to bring together professionalism and accessibility in order to foster an understanding and appreciation of opera among a diverse audience. [blog_cta type="guide"…

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A Horse Is A Horse In Santa Fe!

It’s been said that the modern horse evolved over three million years ago and then disappeared from this hemisphere 10,000 years ago. The horse then returned to North American when explorers, Cortes and DeSoto, came mounted on magnificent Barbs from northern Africa, Sorraias from Portugal and…

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11 Reasons to Visit Santa Fe This July

[blog_cta type="guide" text="Order My 2017 Santa Fe Travel Guide" date=”July_Events"] There’s no shortage of things to see and do in Santa Fe this July. We are known as “The City Different” and within one visit, you will know why. If you’ve heard or read about our beautiful city and you are ready to…

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