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Santa Fe Will Burn Zozobra and Our 2022 Gloom

Heads up! On Friday, September 2rd, will you be in Santa Fe to shout “BURN HIM!”?

New Mexico's one-of-a-kind 98-year-old celebration—the Burning of Zozobra––is a historic cultural tradition and Santa Fe’s unforgettable annual ending to summer. Since 1924, the City of Santa Fe has built and burned the Zozobra to the delight of a festive crowd. The mythic 50-foot-tall monster is stuffed with thousands of paper "glooms"––love letters, divorce documents, photos, parking tickets, bad habits, hurt feelings––which go up in smoke (and effectively disappear!) when the New Mexico icon goes down in flames. This year, the ongoing Zozobra Decades Project, an annual journey through successive decades of Zozobra's existence, goes back to the 1990s era of plaid shirts, Pokémon, and all of that house, boy band, techno dance music you're nostalgic for!

Tickets are on Sale Now

The Santa Fe Kiwanis Club, keepers of Zozobra’s flame, pulled off a successful, limited in-person burn in 2021, but this year,  Zozobra organizers are cautiously welcoming a pre-pandemic crowd without restrictions! (If federal and state public health orders change, organizers will respond accordingly.) Get your tickets today

Live Stream on KOAT-7

There's no need to feel gloomy if you can't attend in person. This epic 98th burning will be broadcast live for free on KOAT-7 ABC in New Mexico and streamed online at koat.com.


Want clarification on some nitty-gritty details? Read through the event FAQs, and be in the Zozo know!

I'm Not Coming, So I'm Pitching In

If you can't make it, your “I’m Not Coming, So I’m Pitching In” ticket donation will help Zozobra pay its bills and still have funds left over to fulfill the Kiwanis charitable mission of making life better for kids. Your support means you'll feel a little less gloomy knowing that you are brightening a child’s life! Donate today.

Ready to shout? Let it all out: "BURN HIM!!!!"

The Burning of Zozobra 2013

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Tune in for the Live Stream

The 98th Burning of Zozobra will be broadcast live on KOAT-7 ABC in New Mexico and streamed online...

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