No matter the season, Santa Fe will always welcome and entertain you—it’s a true crowd pleaser of a city! Come for the unique cultural events and traditions, the signature Northern New Mexico cuisine, 320+ days of sunshine, clear, starry night skies, and so much more!

If it’s Winter in Santa Fe that's calling your name, please review our FAQs in preparation:

Q: Why is Winter the best time to visit Santa Fe?

Lights on the Plaza

A: Many reasons! 

  • You can enjoy the chilly beauty—more refreshing than cold—with brisk walks around the colorfully illuminated Plaza or through the historic eastside of town, along Canyon Road, replete with 100+ galleries. And then as the daylight wanes, wind down with a late afternoon beverage by a roaring fire, compliments of many cozy bars.
  • Santa Fe moves at a slower pace, even though the end-of-the-year holidays tend to attract crowds in search of a destination celebration, and the two long weekends in January and February draw an eager group of regional travelers in search of great powder skiing and short lift lines,
  • Our snow is as different as The City Different. It's fluffy, sparkly, and exceedingly photogenic for perfect selfies!
  • Local retail, restaurant, and gallery owners are so happy to welcome you into their establishments during what might be considered “offseason,” and yet, that reference really does not describe The City Different at any time as we are excited and ready to host visitors all year round!

Q: What’s the weather like during a Santa Fe Winter?

Ski Santa Fe

A: To say that The City Different experiences average highs in the high 40s and average lows in the mid 20s just does not convey how exemplary Santa Fe’s Winter weather truly is. Winter in The City Different is the kind of Winter you wish for. Here's why:

  • It’s a dry cold, meaning there’s low humidity, so the “feels like temp” is actually quite nice!
  • With 320+ days of sunshine a year, many of those during the winter season, you can easily find direct sunlight to warm your core.
  • The dusting of snow downtown is like a costumed reminder of the season, but rarely a nuisance, and the fluffy inches of it that grace the mountains and Ski Santa Fe resort are an invitation to gear up and go play with your sled, skis, snowshoes, or snowboard!

Q: What do people do for fun in the Winter?

Vladem Virgil Ortiz
The work of Virgil Ortiz at New Mexico Museum of Art's Vladem Contemporary in the Shadow and Light exhibition

A: There's so much to do, you'll have to plan a second visit.

Q: What should I do regardless of the season?

Santa Fe Margarita Trail

A: Enjoy our cuisine!

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