Seasonal Celebrations, Dances and Feast Days


Planning Ahead
Please call the respective Tribe, Nation, or Pueblo directly—see list of phone numbers on the “Pueblos, Tribes, and Nations” page—to inquire about times and dates before you make your visit. Sometimes dates shift so it is always a good idea to confirm. Remember to observe the etiquette and protocols of each tribe, and please keep in mind photography is not allowed more often than not unless a permit is available.

Enjoy your visitǃ


New Year’s Day -- Appointed and Elected Pueblo Officials Announced -- Transfer of Canes to New Pueblo Tribal Officials: Dances at most Pueblos. For information, please call Pueblos directly.
Turtle Dance, Taos Pueblo. (505) 758-1028

King’s Day Celebration Honoring New Pueblo Tribal Officials: Most Pueblos open to public with various dances including Buffalo, Deer, Eagle and Elk to honor tribal officials. For information, please call Pueblos directly.

San Ildefonso Pueblo: Vespers with Firelight Dances and Procession (505) 455-3549

St. Ildefonso Feast Day: San Ildefonso Pueblo Annual Feast Day. Buffalo, Comanche and Deer Dances. (505) 455-3549

St. Paul’s Feast Day: Picuris Pueblo (575) 587-2519, Ohkay Owingeh (505) 852-4400. Various Dances.


Candelaria Day Celebration: Dances at Picuris Pueblo (575) 587-2519 and San Felipe Pueblo (505) 867-3381

Mid-February (Sunday)
Deer Dances: Ohkay Owingeh (505) 852-4400


Quiet time for many Pueblos. Taos Pueblo’s annual closure is in March.


Easter Weekend
Various dances at most Pueblos. For information, please call Pueblos directly.

Last weekend in April
Gathering of Nations Intertribal Pow-Wow. Albuquerque.


St. Phillip Feast Day: San Felipe Pueblo Annual Feast Day. Corn Dance. (505) 867-3381

Santa Cruz Feast Day: Taos Pueblo (575) 758-9593 and Cochiti Pueblo (505) 465-2244, Blessing of the Fields & Corn Dance.

Memorial Day Weekend
Jemez Pueblo, Annual Jemez Red Rocks Arts and Crafts Show and Memorial Day Veterans Dance. (575) 834-7359


1st Saturday of the month
Tesuque Pueblo Blessing of the Fields, Corn Dance. (505) 955-7732

Father’s Day Weekend. Picuris Pueblo High Country Arts & Crafts Fair (575) 587-2519

St. John the Baptist Feast Day: Ohkay Owingeh Annual Feast Day (505) 852-4400. Dances at various Pueblos. For information, please call Pueblos directly.

San Pedro//St. Paul Feast Day: Santa Ana (505) 867-3301


Celebration at the Waterfall: Nambe Pueblo dances. (505) 455-2036

2nd Weekend
Annual Taos Pueblo Intertribal Pow-Wow. (575) 758-9593

3rd Weekend
Jicarilla Apache Little Beaver Round-up and Rodeo with dances in Dulce. (575) 759-3242

St. Bonaventure Feast Day: Cochiti Pueblo Annual Feast Day. Corn Dance. (505) 465-2244

Santiago Feast Day: Taos Pueblo (575) 758-9593 

St. Anne Feast Day: Santa Ana Pueblo Annual Feast Day. (505) 867-3301 Dances various Pueblos. For information, please call Pueblos directly.


Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles Feast Day de Los Persingula Feast Day, Jemez Pueblo. (575) 834-7359

St. Dominic Feast Day: Santo Domingo Pueblo Annual Feast Day. Corn Dances. (505) 465-2214

Picuris Pueblo: San Lorenzo Mass & Sunset Vespers and Dances. (575) 587-2519

Anniversary of Pueblo Revolt of 1680 -- Pueblo Revolt Day
Picuris Pueblo Annual Feast Day, Ceremonial Foot Race, Pole Climb & Traditional Dances. (575) 587-2519

Santa Clara Feast Day: Santa Clara Pueblo Annual Feast Day. Buffalo, Harvest or Corn Dance. (505) 753-7330

The Assumption of Our Blessed Mother Feast Day
Zia Pueblo: San Antonio Annual Feast Day, Corn Dances (505) 867-3304
Laguna Pueblo: Harvest & Other Dances, Mesita Village (505) 552-6654

2nd Week of August
Annual Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial, Red Rock State Park, Gallup.

3rd Week of August
SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market, Santa Fe.


Labor Day Weekend
Santo Domingo Pueblo Annual Arts & Crafts Market. (505) 465-2214
San IIdefonso Pueblo: Corn Dance. (505) 455-2273

The Jicarilla Apache Go-Jii-Ya Feast. Celebrated on September 15 every year at Stone Lake, 18 miles south of Dulce. (575) 759-3242

8 - 18th
New Mexico State Fair Indian Village, Wonderful line-up of dances, activities, food, entertainment, and more. Albuquerque, NM

Stone Lake Fiesta: various Jicarilla Apache Dances in Dulce (575) 759-3242

St. Elizabeth Feast Day: Laguna Pueblo, Village of Paguate. Harvest & Social Dances. (505) 552-6654

San Geronimo Eve: Taos Pueblo, Vespers & Sundown Dance. (575) 758-9593

San Geronimo Feast Day: Taos Pueblo, Annual Feast Day. Art Fair, Ceremonial Foot Races and Pole Climb. (575) 758-9593

September 29 - October 22th
Northern Navajo Nation Fair and Rodeo, Shiprock, NM. (928) 871-7000


St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day: Nambe Pueblo Annual Feast Day. Buffalo, Elk, and Deer Dances. (505) 455-2036


San Diego Feast Day: Tesuque Pueblo (505) 955-7732 and Jemez Pueblo (575) 834-7359 Annual Feast Day. Various Dances.


First Weekend
Walatowa Winter Arts & Craft Show, Jemez Pueblo (575) 834-7359

Pojoaque Pueblo: Vespers, Procession & Dances, 6 pm. Call ahead to confirm. (505) 455-4500

Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day: Pojoaque Pueblo Annual Feast Day. Mass at 10 am, Buffalo and Butterfly Dances. (505) 455-4500
Jemez Pueblo: Matachines Dances. (575) 834-7359

Christmas Eve Celebrations: A variety of dances at most Pueblos, as well as midnight mass and bonfires. For information, please call Pueblos directly.
Bonfire Celebration, Taos Pueblo. (575) 758-9593

Matachines Dance. Native Spanish honoring Dance, Ohkay Owingeh. (505) 852-4400

25th - 29th
Christmas Day through New Year’s: Dances at many Pueblos. For information, please call Pueblos directly.

Ohkay Owingeh: Turtle Dance (505) 852-4400
Santo Domingo Pueblo: Corn Dance. (505) 465-2214

Holy Innocents Day: Picuris Pueblo, Children’s Dances. (575) 587-2519

Download the schedule of Pueblo Feast Days and Tribal Celebrations.



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